Marianna Lourba

Zero point! This is the point where everything is over and you have to start again.

It is the point where you have nothing and everything. To get there, you only have to realize that you are alive. It is now, it is here that’s why we are afraid of the zero point. It is the place where we cease to wish, to demand, to rush, there is no expectation nor “don’t” and “must”. The zero point where the black and the white, the light and the darkness are in absolute balance. If zero is the dark … it exists due to the lack of the light. This is the reason of its existence and then… the light comes to drain its primeval communication channel. Like Malevich’s black square, the ultimate zero point of painting stating the imprint of the invisible side of life.

On the contrary, the white (light) embraces all the colors and the black (darkness) too by is its absence.

This is what I wanted to impart through the movement of white in the black and vice versa. At the end, between the light and the dark there is an existential interaction. The light for me is a mean, the tool to express myself, it is the road and the field to experiment through this journey to the absolute zero. The new technologies have given me the ground to create prototype artistic tests and why not to experiment between light and darkness between the visible and invisible, immaterial world, making it magic through the motion.

The instant transformation from one image to another, from the light to the absolute zero, focusing on the visual game that is offered to the visitor in order to give him the true hope that the dark could give birth to the light.